I combined my current hiking trip with a fundraising campaign in favour of a climate protection project in cooperation with the Naturfreundejugend e.V. This is a german society supporting issues such as social and ecological justice, nature conservation, sustinable development and gentle tourism. Precisely I collect money for treeplantings in Senegal. Many coastal regions there are threatened by flooding because of the rising sea levels. To protect these areas the inhabitants put hope in reforestation to prevent soil erosion. They need one Euro to plant one mangrove tree. It is my goal to collect 1 Euro for every kilometre of my European-Through-Hike. If I manage it to North Cape, 6500 new trees will grow in Senegal.


1 kilometre = 1 Euro = 1 tree!

Please help with your donation! Every cent counts! Thanks a lot!

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  • Scroll down to the input mask, type in a freely selectable amount from 5€ onwards, and press the button "JETZT SPENDEN".
  • Fill in the required fields with your name, address and email address and press "JETZT SPENDEN" again.
  • Choose your payment method and press "JETZT ...€ SPENDEN".

Thank you very much for your support!

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If you want to know more about me, go on reading...

My name is Philipp. I am 37 years old. In my everyday life I live in Berlin, where I am working as a doctor. But from time to time I take a career break for a long-distance-hike. In 2016 I made it from Berlin to North Cape on foot – 3325 kilometres in 5 month. Click here to get more information or see pictures from this trip. It was an unforgetable adventure and I can’t get enough of it! That's why I decided to make another hiking-dream come true: a european Through-Hike from the Strait of Gibraltar to North Cape. I will be on my way from the 4th of january to the beginning of october 2019. My path will lead me through Spain, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. I would be glad if you visit my blog or follow me on instagram (#EuropeanThroughHike) or facebook. The text contributions are mainly german, but I hope you enjoy my photos!

That's what I like most about hiking:

When I am out, I can take life as it comes and live for nothing but the moment. I just put one foot in front of the other and let things pass by. I like to live out of my backpack, to travel around without luxury and to be content with the most necessary things. I wake up with the birds and I pitch up my tent when night falls. There is no clock tiking, no duty calling. It’s just walk, eat and sleep. And in between I have lots of time left to hang on to my thoughts, to read, to take pics and to write diary. I get the chance to meet new people and visit foreign countries. Lovely villages are changing with monotonous farmland. Sometimes I find myself lost in a drab industrial area of an ugly suburb and a few hours later I walk on a splendid boulevard. And then there is breathtaking landscape and the stunning beauty of nature again and again. I like the alpine trail high up on rough mountains as well as the lonely and quiet path through a forest wilderness. Amazing experiences are spread all along the way.

Why do I hike for climate protection?

When I am on a hiking trip I always start to admire nature more than in my usual life. What’s outside of our towns and houses comes much closer to my heart. It’s marvoulous how the ecosystems of our planet provide everything we need – respirable air, fertile soil and clean water. Our survival depents on this miracle! So we would have to protect it, I suppose. Yet, the opposite is the case. I am deeply worried about what we do to our planet. We emit more and more Carbondioxide and are getting closer to a climate super gau day by day. I don’t know what to do against it. I feel guilty and helpless at the same time. I am desperate about the complex problems of our world’s society. But sometimes I say to myself that there must be a spark of hope in making small steps. Don’t think about the whole mass, it will overwhelm you. Just contribute to a better world as well as you can. It’s okay to feel small. You must not be strong, just never give up and keep trusting that a huge amount of small steps can be quite effective. That’s what I found out while hiking. And so it seemed logical to me to combine the current trip with a fundraising campaign in favour of a climate protection project. Because every single step matters...

1 kilometre = 1 Euro = 1 tree!

Please help with your donation! Every cent counts! Thanks a lot!